Broad Oaks Upholstery
Phone: (440) 645-9525  
23660 Miles Rd. Ste 90, Cleveland, OH 44128
Over 40 years of experience can guarantee good quality in every piece of furniture.
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        Mel Janczylik

Broad Oaks Upholstery.

Is a business for your needs in Re-Upholstery and Upholstery designs, attended  by its owner Mel Janczylik.
Established since 1980 in Buffalo, N.Y., 
and now serving NorthEast Cleveland and surroundings.
Over 40 years working on a diverse variety of furniture for the living room, dinning room, waiting room, hospitals, lobbies and offices I have acquired a vast experience in all styles of Antique and Modern furniture. 

Based on my extensive experience, I can guarantee that you will always obtain good quality in every piece of furniture.


Maria Eugenia Janczylik

Working since 2003, taking care of all detailing work required for the different styles of furniture.